Winter is Gone and SPRING is ……

lomomagnoiliasMy daffodils are blooming and so is the white star magnolia. After a winter of travel, it’s time to emerge from hibernation and reopen WaterWorks Gallery.

Will say this about my time away from the Northwest, I have met some wonderful people in Cuba, and Florida this year. Great times spent doing some photography in Cuba, seeing my 91 year old tennis playing Dad [Hi Nathan, love ya!] and ballroom dancing in Florida with a few newly found friends. There are photos from Cuba and Florida. Pretty fun. [Copy & paste]

Hew Locke, For those in Peril, Mixed media installation: photo courtesy Pamm Website

While in Florida I visited the amazing new Perez Art Museum Miami, contemporary space with fabulous art collection. Vertical gardening, some pretty edgy work. I spent 3 hours there. Really soul filling. Especially this commissioned work by Hew Locke, For those in Peril of the Sea, 2011, pictured above. Nice write up on this artist and his work in Art News.

Please let me know if you enjoy my blog and I will try to post something weekly.

Gallery opens  April 16…Kind Regards




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Happy Holidays


This morning up at o dark thirty and was able get this colorful sunrise among the trees shot.

Today being the last shopping day before christmas, was fun to help the panic stricken people, but my favorite are the intentional last minute shoppers. Every year, these numbers grow. They are the folks who buy, small business and shop local. My hat off to you.

HO ho Ho

Ps have you seen the sky lately? So beautiful and clear!

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The Season’s changed

The Season's have changed

Walking down at American Camp, 4 in the afternoon as a winter storm approaches.

Realizing  the last post was in Spring, somehow this photo seems just right. The weather is cold and stormy, and the gallery is so cozy and warm.

The Amazing Holiday Show hangs on the walls, lots of color and fun artworks. The antithesis of the approaching dark and bleak weather.

holiday show with gerbers

holiday show back wall holiday show with body

The Northwest weather has been so cold, the last couple of days below freezing. Love that down coat purchased for this reason.

The sun’s shining, that helps though sunset is 4.30 .. but the solstice will occur in a few weeks, and the light returns slowly.

Stop by and warm up.

And yes we even Gift wrap and deliver…..

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The signs of Spring


Tonight, just walking around town, and I spotted this beautiful sight. Look forward to more blossoms.

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Jaime Ellsworth in her studio


Just picked up the new heart/love paintings by Jaime.they are well so sweet. And one just got snapped up by client. Thank you

. And so you know, Jaime will be in a show in June 203, called the Dog Show. Watch for some exciting new work and perhaps a change in direction.

The other artist featured in the Dog Show is Barbara Duzan. This artist has an amazing feel for all creatures especially dog. She currently has 2 or is it 3 Goldens… Barbara’s doing both bronze and paper mache.

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A studio visit to Catherine Eaton Skinner’s Capital Hill studio


CES in studio I 013113

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting Catherine in her studio. [I love my job].

Working on new paintings inspired by her recent trip to Bhutan, she continues incorporating old found texts and other objects into these new mixed media pieces. Still working with the theme of 108 images. The studio smells of wax and paint tinged with a bit of dog. [Her 2 old sweet girls]

There are conversations about artists, galleries, the world in general and of course more, travel plans. Where to go and what to see.

Next up, the other favorite part. Where are we going to go for lunch?

Catherine’s fabulous assistant Julie, always has a great suggestion but this time we go to Oddfellow’s Hall, as the food is fresh and satisfying.
CES studio 013113

The gallery continues to feature recent works of trees, birds and the elements. Stop by and  visit. The gallery is open Feb 13th – 18th for Valentine’s week and President’s weekend. Cheers


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A recent studio Visit

A recent studio Visit

The studio of Catherine Eaton Skinner

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