Gallery refreshed and renewed.


After being out of the gallery for close to 4 months, I am so happy to be back.

The gallery has been repainted, and freshly floored.I will say the gallery looks amazing.


With the weather warming up, the sun shinning, Spring is in the air. The first show of the year opened with new work by Amanda Richardson and some amazing glass by Jeremy Newman and Allison Cianicibelli.Image

On Saturday, the gallery hosted an Artist talk. Jeremy and Allison spoke with passion for the medium and shared their knowledge and ways of working with glass.  Photos of the talk posted later.\

Enjoy the weather and hope to see you soon

About ruthoffen

Created by, Ruth Offen the founder/director of WaterWorks Gallery, a gallery opened in 1985 to showcase contemporary artists and jewellers that live and work in the Pacific Northwest. The gallery is on an San Juan Island in the Salish Sea.[ North Puget Sound] Pretty amazing place. While continuing to curate the gallery after 33 years, I'm decided to spend more time enjoying life by traveling, creating art with photography and dancing tango. Over many decades of amassing a personal art collection, now the process of downsizing is becoming a reality. How do we have more with less? Staying true to the motto, unencumbered by our possessions and not burdening our children with our stuff. This next process will take patience and courage.
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