My Family at the Holocaust Museum : the Book Signing Brothers


The photo above features, Sam Offen, left, Nathan Offen, middle [my dad] and Bernard Offen right.
These three men ranging in age from 83 through 91, all have a shared experience they have written about. These three men survived the concentration camps and have all written their unique stories.

At the Holocaust Museum, in Washington DC, these 3 man are graciously donating the proceeds of their books to the Museum. This event takes place for 2 days. This unique event, as there are not many brothers who survived and then chose to write a book.  Sharing their lives. And stories through this experience.

The path of life is unique to each human.
One has to be human to experience life.
This museum stands to remind us of what humans are capable of.

About ruthoffen

Created by, Ruth Offen the founder/director of WaterWorks Gallery, a gallery opened in 1985 to showcase contemporary artists and jewellers that live and work in the Pacific Northwest. The gallery is on an San Juan Island in the Salish Sea.[ North Puget Sound] Pretty amazing place. While continuing to curate the gallery after 33 years, I'm decided to spend more time enjoying life by traveling, creating art with photography and dancing tango. Over many decades of amassing a personal art collection, now the process of downsizing is becoming a reality. How do we have more with less? Staying true to the motto, unencumbered by our possessions and not burdening our children with our stuff. This next process will take patience and courage.
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