Jaime Ellsworth in her studio


Just picked up the new heart/love paintings by Jaime.they are well so sweet. And one just got snapped up by client. Thank you

. And so you know, Jaime will be in a show in June 203, called the Dog Show. Watch for some exciting new work and perhaps a change in direction.

The other artist featured in the Dog Show is Barbara Duzan. This artist has an amazing feel for all creatures especially dog. She currently has 2 or is it 3 Goldens… Barbara’s doing both bronze and paper mache.

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Created by me, Ruth Offen the founder/director of WaterWorks Gallery, a gallery I opened in 1985 to showcase contemporary Northwest Art on an San Juan Island in the Salish Sea.[ North Puget Sound] Pretty amazing place and space that is beautiful and the art evokes this experience. Blog posts about gallery back stories, and other bits of visit to other artspaces and places.
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One Response to Jaime Ellsworth in her studio

  1. tedstrutz says:

    Fabulous, as always!

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